Club members come from Kingston's military community and its friends. If you feel you fit into either of these categories below, there is a place for you in our Club. To join, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the BookKing Online Registration and pay for you membership at (BookKing Instructions)

  • If you have problems registering online, please contact the Base Gym Front Desk Supervisor by email to (preferred) or call at 613-541-5010, Extension 8759,

  1. Download the following forms and fill/sign electronically. Please, do not fill in your browser. Download and open in Adobe Reader for the fields and signature functions to work.

  • Medical Form (English / Français) - To be filled by all new members and by returning members who's medical condition has changed

  • PSP Annual Waiver for SCUBA Diving (DSC) (English / Français) - To be filled by everyone, every year.

  1. Print and bring your forms to the Club to be reviewed and approved by a Club Executive Member.

If you have any questions, contact us on FB Messenger or send us an email.

Membership Categories

  • REGULAR: Canadian Armed Forces members (Regular and Reserve) and their families, former CAF members and their families, foreign military members serving with the CAF and their families. - No less than 50% of the overall Club membership

  • ORDINARY: Members of the extended security and Defence team and their families, pensioners (Former Staff of the Non-Public Funds of the Canadian Forces receiving a pension, Former Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers in receipt of a pension, Families of former Staff of the Non-Public Funds, Canadian Forces receiving a pension, Families of former Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers in receipt of a pension). - Limited to 30% of overall Club membership

  • ASSOCIATE: Subject to the approval of the Base Commander, any person not specified in the categories above may be invited to become an associate member. Associate membership shall be for one year with no guarantee of renewal for further terms and have no voting rights. - Limited to 20% of overall Club membership

  • GUEST: Subject to the approval of the Base Commander, Guest membership will be granted when eligible individuals under regular, ordinary or associate memberships but will only be able to use the Club's resources for less than a month of the full calendar year. Typically, this would be for training such as Discover SCUBA Diving or Specialty courses (i.e. NAS Course); however, it may also be granted on the provision of individuals who are visiting CFB Kingston during courses or Temporary Duty. Guest memberships will be valid only for a period of one week, and may only be renewed twice. Upon the fourth week, potential members will need to fit into the 50/30/20 ratio of their prospective category, and then could be offered the yearly subscription. If they do not accept yearly subscription or cannot due to ratios restrictions, their membership shall be void for the rest of the year. Guest memberships have no voting rights.


Membership fees are to be renewed starting April 1st and valid until March 31st of the following year. For 2021, the membership fees are:

  • REGULAR: 40$ (tx incl)

  • ORDINARY: 45$ (tx incl)

  • ASSOCIATE: 50$ (tx incl)

  • GUEST: 10$ (tx incl) - Valid for 7 days

Forms and Waivers

Whether you are a new member joining or a seasoned diver renewing, everyone will have to complete a membership form, medical questionnaire, liability waiver and bring them to the Club when you drop in. If you have not been a member of the Club in the previous year, we also require a completed liability waiver and Medical Questionnaire to be filled out and witnessed. You are also required to fill out a Medical Questionnaire if your medical condition has changed from the one we have on file or if you are applying for new membership. All forms may be downloaded here.


The Club benefits from the use of the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre (KMCSC). The Club's room is directly off the pool deck near the deep end which is a great convenience for training courses as well as Club pool activities (predominant during the winter months). The Club also has a door directly to the outside (see map) with close vehicle access which it uses as the principal entrance.