Gear Rental

The Dolphin SCUBA Club maintains its own equipment. We rent SCUBA equipment to our members for a fraction of what it costs at local dive shops. Gear available for rental includes exposure suits (neoprene wetsuits), fins, buoyancy control device (BCD), regulators, weights and weight belts as well as dive flags and floats. We also have dive computers reserved for advanced instruction, under Instructor supervision. Prices depend on period of rental. See rates in the table below. DUE TO COVID-19, WE HAVE DECIDED NOT TO RENT MASK OR SNORKELS. You need to purchase and bring your own.

As per policy, only Club members are allowed to rent and use club gear. No member shall be permitted to sign out multiple gear sets for diving, with the only exception of dive tanks. As a Base Club, we are only covered for liability purposes with standing members only. Club Instructors and Divemasters are the only members who are excluded from this regulation.

Air Fills

Get your tank filled from our compressor. Well maintained, we have our air tested routinely, in accordance with PSP guidelines to ensure it meets the strictest of Breathing Air Standards. Our filters are changed every six months to ensure the cleanest possible air for your O2 clean tanks! A few tanks can be handled while you wait. For larger numbers, please make arrangements to drop off your tanks in advance.