The Club offers a full range of training courses from one of the major, internationally recognized scuba training agencies, PADI. Interested individuals can enjoy an introduction to diving that involves a basic safety brief and the opportunity to try out real dive gear, in a safe, pool environment, under the direct supervision of experienced Instructors and Divemasters.

Watch our website, or contact our Training Coordinator to find out about this opportunity. There are no pre-requisites for joining a basic scuba course, but you need to be physically fit and comfortable in the water. Training takes about 30 hours of instruction, which is fairly evenly split between theoretical training conducted in a classroom setting with videos, discussions and quizzes; confined water skill acquisition in a pool environment and exposure to real World conditions in Lake Ontario or another suitable open water location. Once you achieve basic certification, a variety of specialties and advanced training options is open to you, and the Club has the ability to make these accessible to you. Courses are listed to the right. Contact our Training Coordinator for more information.

The Club is fortunate in enjoying the support of several Instructors and Dive Masters certified through PADI.  Each instructor delivers outstanding training that meets recognized standards and fully satisfies the requirements of the Canadian Forces policy on recreational SCUBA diving.  The Club's philosophy is to turn out divers who excel in every respect.  On completion of training you can expect to be well prepared for local diving conditions and more than ready to travel to warmer and more welcoming waters, where you can be confident that your certification will be accepted and respected.

If you are interested in obtaining course information or registering in an upcoming course, please contact our Training Staff.

You can also register for any courses offered here at CFB Kingston under Dolphin Scuba Club.

Canadian Forces' policy on scuba training does not permit engagement in technical training. Individuals interested in training beyond the recreational level are recommended to seek advice and assistance from other sources.